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“I just got back from my lesson with SC and have to say it was brilliant. At first he asked me a lot about my golfing habits, how much I play and practice, do I read a lot about golf etc. I told him I was working with the rotary swing and I have problems with power and the dipping of my head. 

“He watched me hit some balls and said that I’m doing a lot of things right and have good lines and posture and he was impressed with my reverse K set up. But I have no solid base, my legs aren’t doing anything to help the golf swing as they are all over the pace etc. 

“He got me working on the pivot with, a wider stance and my toes pointing outwards — having a really solid base. We used the leaderboard in reverse to keep my left side strong. It feels very strange and doesn’t feel like I was rotating my hips at all but I was when I saw it, he suggested I buy a leaderboard (which I’ve been told before!).

“I’ve got my previously lost power back.

“All in all in was brilliant! I felt so good afterwards; he speaks so well and makes sure you are focusing on him. AND I got 2 buckets of balls for free!

“I tell you what though he showed me at first what he wants me to do putting a club over his chest and showing me a pivot made it look so easy and just by looking at him do it you think that’s what a pro pivot is like!”
- Josh,

“The most impressive thing I remember about Scott's game is whether he's putting, chipping, playing a pitch, hitting a full shot — his tempo is ‘annoyingly’ consistent. I remember him hitting a few languid pitches - using my wedge - with a range ball on little more than mowed field and he was flying a net about 120 out and backing the ball up into the back of it. It was like he was doing it for fun. So easy. Yes Old Choppers has an impressive swing - did you need sunglasses when he smiled at you?"
- Chris Curry 

“Scott Cranfield takes a holistic approach (his terminology not mine!) so his style is all about feel and visualization.”
- James Forster 

“Golf coaching has been the focus of Scott’s career for more than 20 years and he has taught at every level of the game from novices to Ryder Cup winners.”

 On “Intuitive Golf” by Scott Cranfield

“Mr. Cranfield has done a great job finding the middle ground between the ‘see the shot and trust it’ warm and fuzzy school and the ‘right forearm must align with shaft plane line’ swing lab scientists. The drills that accompany each section are well done, including many that I'd never seen from other instructors. The emphasis in the drills is primarily on external focus and finding the feel, so that you can quickly get away from mechanical or technical swing thoughts.
- M. Etter

“’Intuitive Golf,’ by Scott Cranfield,  is a unique book that offers functional, biomechanical concepts for golf. The training on body mechanics and swing mechanics is useful for the player's game and will enhance their body-function as a general theme, improving quality of life.

I lectured with Scott at the European Teaching and Coaching Conference in Munich, Germany several years ago. His presentation was excellent, his delivery smooth as silk. I was excited to see that he incorporated some of the essentials of my teachings. I recommend Scott’s book to the beginning player as well as the elite. There is something useful for everyone.”
- Much chi,
Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner
Founder, C.H.E.K Institute

Scott Cranfield has been a PGA Pro since 1984. After a notable career including coaching some of the finest players in Europe and many years in the media and on TV, in 2011 Scott was awarded the status of PGA Master Professional, something only a handful of coaches around the world have received.

Scott’s ‘day job’ is training golf coaches and developing Cranfield Golf Academies (CGA). CGA adopts the natural approach to learning that is so dear to Scott’s heart.  All the coaches are trained to deliver solutions that are inline with the laws governing hoe human beings learn and move most effectively! 

Cranfield Golf Academy is for those who want a natural and fun approach to learning!

Straight-forward, simple instruction.
- hypnodan64