“My dream in 1996 was to help as many golfers as I could; to do this I needed help and support, a group of like-minded coaches who were also driven to help golfers find their natural game. Today we have that fine group …”
- Scott Cranfield

World Class Golf Instruction - Ten Reasons To Take Lessons From Us

  1. We get results in the most effective way possible, no matter what your standard.
  2. We are the only Academy to do a Genuine Full Game Assessment.  It takes 60 minutes and is critical to giving you the right plan and advice. We don’t guess!
  3. Golf coaches who care and want to develop themselves as professional coaches as much as they want to develop you as a player.
  4. Every coach is a full time coach, they are part of the best and most rigorous training program for golf coaches in the UK.
  5. The only coaching experience based on the laws of how a human being learns and moves meaning you can improve and feel natural not awkward!
  6. Help to develop your swing based on what your body is capable of.  Plus the help to improve your body’s capability if that is within your goals.
  7. Instructions that are designed to help you play a more subconscious and natural game.
  8. Golf coaches who challenge you by drawing answers out of you as well as supporting you. This approach helps you learn more effectively and sustain your improvement for longer.
  9. A appropriate use of video and technology to help you understand what you are doing and the progress you are making., but not to compare you to an unrealistic tour player model that is of no relevance or help to you.
  10. We have the best facilities in the UK to coach you on, including a year round short game area, and Par 3 golf course for playing lessons.

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