“My dream in 1996 was to help as many golfers as I could; to do this I needed help and support, a group of like-minded coaches who were also driven to help golfers find their natural game. Today we have that fine group …”
- Scott Cranfield

Our state-of-the-art driving facility allows you to work on your game day or night.

          Well, during our opening hours at least!

          Our 37-bay driving range – along with it state-of-the-art outfield with its synthetic target greens to simulate real approach play – is floodlit to accommodate the most golfers in the widest range of  times possible.  If we’re open, you’re driving?

Learn From the Best, Using the Best Technology and Equipment.

          Have you been playing golf for awhile and still just not “getting it?” Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t want to have to un-learn bad habits later on. Any and all golfers can benefit form the teaching techniques and talents available to them at Golf Kingdom through the Cranfield Golf Academy.

          Scott Cranfield says, “Principally working on the PGA European Tour, I have been fortunate enough to be involved with some of the very great golfers of the game, sharing insights, knowledge and all technical aspects of the game. 

          “ Having coached on tour since 1994, and being fortunate enough to work with 6 Ryder Cup Players, I have learned a lot about what does work and lasts and what are simply fads!  Over the years, I have taken all my coaching experiences to create some sound principles that will work for every golfer regardless of age or ability.  Combine this with the Best Golf Practise facilities in The UK, and Golf Kingdom is definitely the place to learn and practise!”

     Practice Perfectly at Golf Kingdom

          Have you heard the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” That’s true only if you are practicing perfectly. That’s our aim for you here at Golf Kingdom and our Golf Academy.

          We’ve assembled the finest, most-dedicated, most-experienced team of golf instructors available to you in all of Britain – lead by none other than Scott Cranfield himself. 

          Cranfield Golf Academy – visit www.cga-golf.com and www.scottcranfield.com