If you are currently frustrated and don’t know which part of your game to work on or how to improve? Or maybe you are practicing hard but your handicap is staying the same? Or you are ripping your driver but scoring badly?  

Whatever it is, a thorough 60-minute assessment will show you exactly what is needed to improve your golf .

The CGA assessment process was created around two key principles:-

  • If you want to develop your game as much as possible, it requires a well thought-out plan
  • Every golfer is different in many ways – their goals; the talent they have; their strengths and weaknesses; the time they have available; their budget

Based on these two principles, CGA decided the only way it could truly offer a client an intelligent, well thought-out plan, that was personal to them, was to sit down and really understand the client, and to watch them without having to coach them. The reality is you cannot do this thoroughly during the lesson time, this needs to be a dedicated time. We see this time as our commitment to you so that once we get started, we can ensure the fastest possible process. Less haste (at the beginning), more speed (better results) in the long run!

It is for this reason we always offer our assessment process at a lower rate compared to our standard coaching rate.

CGA assessments are available 7 days a week at a time to suit you

Price: £24.97

After 60 minutes, you will be presented with a suggested plan of improvement showing you the key areas of your technique and game that need improving to fulfill your potential and goals. Now in its 6th version, there is simply nothing else like it in the industry.

In order to enquire about booking an assessment with a CGA Coach, please complete the enquiry form.  A CGA Coach will contact you within 48 hours



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