Your golf is important; your money is important, and your time is even more important. Therefore making the right choice of Golf Coach is essential.

All of our Coaches at Cranfield Golf Club are part of the Cranfield Golf Academy, Europe’s number one academy for golf tuition and lessons.  

What can you expect from a Cranfield Golf Academy coach and lesson?

  • A thorough assessment of your game before you start, ensuring the most effective way to help you is agreed and set.  
  • A coaching approach based on the laws of how a human being learns and moves
  • Instructions that are designed to help you play a more subconscious and natural game
  • A golf coach who challenges you by drawing answers out of you as well as supporting you
  • Discreet use of video and technology to help you understand what you are doing and the progress you are making
  • A coach that cares and wants to develop themselves as a professional coach as much as they want to develop you as a player


David Rawlings

CGA Level: 3


  • Cranfield Golf Academy Level 3 CGA Qualified Coach
  • PGA AA Professional

Core Coaching Beliefs:

  • There is great golfer in everyone.
  • Learning should be fun and challenging.
  • There is no perfect swing but there are sound fundamentals for consistent performance.

Ross Spurgeon



  • Level 1 CGA Qualified Coach
  • PGA AA Professional

Core Coaching Beliefs:

  • Coaching must be unique to the individual
  • Anyone who wants to, can improve their game
  • Achievable goals must be set

Lee Laughlin



  • PGA AA Professional
  • BSc (Hons) Business Management

Core Coaching Beliefs:

  • Understanding of how to improve ball flight through improved impact awareness
  • Achieving a consistent pre-shot routine to produce a natural flowing golf swing
  • Practice makes perfect and structured practice will achieve personal goals

Jon Jones



  • PGA AA Advanced Professional
  • Titleist Performance Institute (Level 1)
  • C.H.E.K. Golf Performance Specialist
  • The Golfing Machine (GSEB)

Core Coaching Beliefs:

  • A great golf swing is built from the ground up (Beliefs + Set up + Swing = Result)
  • Manage your effort – Less is more!
  • Impact: The moment of truth