Current government advice has stated that outdoor activities are much safer from the spread of the virus than being inside and with the spring weather arriving we’d like reassure you that a trip to Golf Kingdom is safe and amongst the list of sensible activities to do! Play outdoors in the fresh air, in a natural environment, with no crowds! On top of that, we are putting measures in place to reduce risks even further.

If you would like to visit Moby Golf or Foot Golf, we advise pre-paying to reduce close contact even further however it is not essential. You can book either activity here:

If you any reason you are unable to make your booking due to the current situation, please email us at and we will happily change the date for you.


We are going cashless across the whole site

With all of us aware of the dangers of cash handling at this time due to bacterias, we have decided that an appropriate course of action is to only take card payments for the foreseeable future. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause however this is in the interest of protecting staff and customers alike. 


Open Entrance 

All entrance and exit doors will be open at all times to reduce the amount of surfaces customers touch on their visit. These surfaces will still be cleaned regularly however are very low risk. This does mean the clubhouse will be slightly cooler during these times but we believe this is a necessary measure to help protect both customers and staff


Golf Course 

The golf course seems like the perfect place to be at the moment, outside in nature away from crowds! We are a members only course but you can become a member for 14 days for just £14 and play as many times in those 14 days as you wish. You can purchase a 14 days pass here:
We advise putting with the flag in at all times.


Driving Range

Our range bays are sufficiently spaced out enough that you will also always be at least 2 meters away from other range users which is in line with government advice for minimising the chance of the virus spreading. With card payments only, bar code scanner ball system alongside baskets and Toptracer being wiped down every hour, we believe the driving range to be a very safe activity. 


We have removed half of the tables and chairs from the clubhouse so that anyone sitting inside is at a safe distance away from the table next to minimise the chance of the virus spreading. We apologise if at any point you cannot get a seat, but our priority is keeping people as safe as possible and we feel this a necessary measure.