Course Condition Update – January 2019

The course is coming through this winter period rather well. Despite November and December experiencing some very heavy rain periods, the course is drying out nicely.

Worm casts still remain our biggest issue when it comes to our green keepers being able to cut the fairways and approaches and allowing buggies out. The reason for this being that when the worm casts are damp or wet and a wheel goes over them, it smudges the worm cast. This smudging smothers the grass underneath, restricts the amount of light the leaf is able to get and so drastically increases the grasses recovery time after winter.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any chemicals available to deal with worms and so we must remain vigilant on preventing any smudging as much as possible. We have been able to brush the surrounds and approaches in December when it was dry enough to do so and this is one method we continue to plan for when the weather allows it.