Rules of Play

The one hard-fast rule that is an absolute must is that you have endless amounts of laughter around the course!  There are, however, also some key points that we would like you to note, whilst playing the Foot Golf course at Golf Kingdom 

  • You must be over 14 years of age to play the course on your own. All players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Whilst all ages are welcome, we believe the game is most suited to those aged 7 years and above. You do need some kicking strength and control to play the game.
  • No football studs or boots are allowed on the course’ only soft-soled shoes or trainers please.
  • You are welcome to bring your own football to use.
  • The maximum group size is 5 players per group.
  • Always aim to keep up with the group ahead. If you are holding up a group behind you, please let them play through
  • If your shot is heading towards another player, shout “FORE” to warn them

In order to get the best out of your game of Foot Golf, below are a few pointers as to how to enjoy the game

  • The aim of the game is to play 18 holes with the lowest possible amount of kicks of the ball.
  • Each tee sign shows you a map of the hole to be played; plus its length and par.
  • Players must start each hole from the artificial grass teeing area only.
  • The ball must be played when and where it stops – there should be no kicking of moving balls.
  • When playing in a group, players kick their ball in turns - if another player's ball is in the way when playing your kick/shot, you can ask the other player to remove the ball and mark the place.
  • The winner of the previous hole plays first on the next hole.
  • If a ball is hit by another ball, only the ball that was hit must be placed back in its original position.
  • Kicking the ball must be in one movement, no resting of the foot on the ball before kicking.
  • While kicking the ball, one foot must touch the ground - no jump or clamping of the ball.
  • If a ball is kicked past a white post marking out of bounds, there is a one-kick/shot penalty.
  • If your ball ends up in an unplayable position i.e. in the bushes, you may move the ball to a playable position but not closer to the hole.  You must also add on one penalty stroke. 
  • Wait until the green has cleared before kicking your approach shot.
  • Course obstacles cannot be moved.
  • The maximum score for each hole is 3 x par (e.g a Par 3 = 9)

Finally, have loads of fun and competitive banter, BUT clean friendly language only please!


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