Learn to Play

For a limited time only, we are offering a 2-week course which gives you 4 hours of FUN Golf coaching and play, absolutely free of charge. All equipment and coaching is included.

It's a great activity, fun and suitable for the whole family and at absolutely no cost to you!

To register for a course, please complete the detail below. Only one member of your group needs to complete the detail and secure your group's registration.  A £10 deposit needs to be paid for each member of your group.  

The £10 deposit for each member of your group is fully refundable and will be returned on completion of the 2-week course.

A member of the Golf Kingdom team will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your registration and deposit, and to confirm a start date for your 2-week course.

The ideal age we recommend for FUN Golf is 7 years and over, to ensure maximum enjoyment of the activity. If you have children younger than 7 years that are keen to participate, please contact the Golf Kingdom team on 020 8597 1120.


Learn to Play Learn to Play