Rules of Play

  • Please respect and use the equipment appropriately.  If you do, the equipment will perform well and not get damaged.  Mis-use can cause damage.  Any lost or damaged clubs/bags will be charged at a rate of £20 for each item, and balls at £3 per ball.
  • FUN Golf is played on the same course as Foot Golf. Please be aware that Foot Golf tends to be played at a faster pace.  If you feel pressured from players behind, it is advisable to move to one side & let them play through, or simply speed up your play.
  • Some holes have a small circular teeing area cut into the grass, as an alternative starting point for players who cant reach the flag easily with their first or second shot.  Feel free to choose between this starting point & the main synthetic raised tee area.
  • With your equipment set, you will have what is called a launch pad - this is a small mat with a tee in to stand the ball on.  This is optional to use, but can be used on every shot until you reach the green.   Some players find it helpful hitting from the tee others prefer to play straight from the grass, it’s your decision.
  • There are 2 clubs in a FUN Golf set… a ‘Launcher’ for every shot to get on the green and a ‘Roller’ for putting the ball into the hole.  
  • The aim of the game is to play 9 or 18 holes and to get the FUN Golf ball in each hole with as least amount of shots possible.

Don’t forget its called FUN Golf, and involves fun and laughter all the way round!


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