Terms & Conditions

Cranfield Golf Club Terms & Conditions For Silver; Gold & Family Memberships

Enrolment Fee:-  There is an enrolment fee to activate memberships.  It is a ‘one- off’ fee for the term of your membership, providing your membership remains active.  In the event that your membership becomes inactive and you then wish to rejoin at a later date, the enrolment fee at that time will apply and need to be paid to re-activate your membership.

Upgrading:-  To upgrade your membership, you will need to pay the difference in the enrolment fee from what you originally paid and what the enrolment fee is at the time of upgrading.  You will then change your direct debit to reflect the new level of membership you have upgraded to.

Unlimited Access:-  The terms and benefits of this membership are available at any time during our opening hours.

Initial Payment:-  To commence membership the enrolment fee and remainder of the month you join in must be paid by cash or credit card.

Direct Debits:- At the time of joining a direct debit form must be set up and completed so your monthly fee is paid on the 1st of each month, starting with the month following that which you join.
Membership is not considered live until the direct debit form has been fully completed.

Price Increase:- Golf Kingdom reserves the right to alter its pricing from time to time by giving its members a minimum of 14 days notice via e-mail.

Course Closures:-  From time to time the course or range maybe closed for one or more of the following reasons…

  • Maintenance work.  For the time being the course will be closed on Mondays until 4pm to allow for extra maintenance work.
  • Weather Affected – The course may be closed during and immediately after adverse weather.  This is a proven strategy to ensure the course returns to its best condition as quickly as possible. Playing a course too early after adverse weather can often cause damage that takes a long time to repair.

In all cases, we will endeavour to have all facilities back open as quickly as possible.  There will be no reduction in membership fees due, as a result of such closures.

Dress Code:-  We believe that as a member who is proud to be a part of this club, you will know exactly what dress is appropriate and what is not.  You will know how you would expect your fellow members to dress.  All we will say here, and hope it is all we need to say is please refrain from wearing work clothes that might be greasy, torn, muddy etc.  Apart from that modern, traditional, smart, casual attire is fine.

Guests:- Gold Members are entitled to sign in guests to join them on The Masters Course by paying the appropriate guest fee.  To protect the value of your membership, no one guest may be signed in more than 4 times a year, regardless of the number of members they know.

When signing a members in you are vouching for your guest as someone that is capable of playing The Masters Course to a comfortable standard, including looking after the course by repairing pitch marks on the greens etc. and extending other common golfing courtesy’s.

Fair Usage:-  With each membership a fair usage policy applies, which means the following…


Range Rules:

  • Golf balls are for the named member only; they are not to be shared.
  • A previously dispensed basket must be used before dispensing another.  In any case, there must be a 30-minute gap between dispensing.
  • A maximum of 5 baskets per day can be dispensed.
  • In the event of the range being busy and someone is waiting for your bay, use of a bay is strictly limited to 60 minutes.  You may re use the bay/range once a space has cleared.
  • Removal of range balls from the range area even to use on the Masters Course is considered theft, and will be treated as such.  Your membership will be immediately cancelled, and you will be liable to pay up all fees to the end of your agreement.

Course Rules:

  • Only the named member can use the golf course inline with the level of their membership.
  • Members can invite guests to join by paying the gust rate at that time.  Please ask staff for current rates.  A maximum of 3 guests are allowed per visit.  To bring more guests on any given day please pre-arrange with the golf centre manager.
  • No one guest may take advantage of a guest ticket more than 4 times per year.
  • Using range balls on the Masters Course is considered theft, and will be treated as such.  Your membership will be immediately cancelled, and you will be liable to pay up all fees to the end of your agreement.

Short Game Rules:

  • While there is up to 3 members (exc coaching) on the short game area there is no time restriction.  Once a 4th person joins the area we ask you to restrict your practise to 30 mins, to give others a chance to use the area.
  • A maximum of 8 balls per person are to be used, after 8 balls are played they should be retrieved before playing again, this will help keep the landing areas relatively clear for everyone’s enjoyment.  If you are on this area by yourself you may play more shots without retrieving.  The 8-ball rule only applies once a 2nd player is using the same facility.
  • Academy Practise Tee – adjacent to the short game area is a long state of the art synthetic tee. This tee is for playing shots onto the main golf range and is strictly for members and Cranfield Coaching.  Please note, when hitting balls onto the golf range you MUST use range balls only.  No retrieval of balls from the range is allowed

Family Memberships Rules:

Partner:-  There are options to add your partner to your membership.  To qualify you and your partner must reside at the same address.

Family:-  When taking out a family membership you may add the following…
One partner member, this will normally be your spouse. Up to 5 children up to the age of 23.

ALL members of your family must reside at the same address as you, and at any one time 4 registered members of the same family can get access to the leisure facilities (Moby Golf & Foot Golf) and 3 can join you on the Masters Course and Practise Range at designated times (see separate note).  If more family members want to use the leisure facilities at the same time the public rate will apply.
Any family member (except your spouse) turning 24 years of age will no longer qualify for Family Membership will need to take out their own membership.

Abuse of family membership benefits will result in your membership being immediately cancelled, and you will be liable to pay up all fees to the end of your agreement.

Family Designated Times:-  With a family membership you may take up to 3 registered family members on the Masters course and Range free of charge at the following times…
Saturday, Sunday & Bank holidays – After 2pm (1pm Nov-March)
Monday – Friday – After 11am

Membership Contract:-  it is our aim to make contracts as simple as possible.  We wholly believe in the idea that it is our job to provide you with a membership that is worthwhile and you value.  If we can do that you will probably remain a member.  If though for whatever reason you need to cancel your membership, you may do so within the appropriate notice period to your membership…

Standard Membership:-  1 months notice after the initial 12-month term
Flexible Membership:- 1 months notice after the initial 3-month term

Notice must be given in writing by sending an email to info@golfkingdom.net. Upon receiving this email, your cancellation period will take effect from the 1st of the following month. You will get full use of your membership during your cancellation period.

Induction Games:-  You may be asked to take part in a ‘playing in’ game before memberships including the golf course can be activated.   These games are designed to make sure all members fully understand basic golf etiquette so the experience of being a member remains enjoyable for all.

Essential Etiquette:-  We are a Family Friendly Golf & Leisure Centre and that status is important to us.  We are not stuffy and full of unnecessary rules, in fact, you will see we have abolished many of the restrictions that every other golf club places on you, in fact, we give you and your family the freedom to have fun.  We do this because we like to think that in general everyone knows what is courteous and appropriate behaviour.  Where we are strict and have zero-tolerance is if someone is not prepared to act in a courteous, friendly and appropriate manner, in this instance the culprit will have their membership immediately cancelled, and they will remain liable to pay up all fees to the end of their agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt please make note of the following guidelines on the matter of etiquette…

Language:  Loud abusive language and repeated swearing will not be tolerated anywhere within Golf Kingdom.

Course Care:  Pitch marks must be repaired and divots must be replaced.  The Masters course is in many ways like your own private golfing estate for you and your family to enjoy, therefore you are welcome to play several balls on one hole, you can even stop and practise some short game around the green, BUT…

  • All divots and pitch marks must be replaced.
  • After using a bunker footmarks and divots must be raked out and left smooth.
  • If another player or group is behind, you must clear the way for them to play through.
  • No more than 2 Tee shots can be played from Par 3 Tees.

Buggies & Golf Hoverboards: Must be driven with care, any damage caused to the course or the equipment will not be tolerated.

  • Do not skid, turn sharply or emergency brake unnecessarily, this will mark and damage the course.
  • Keep the vehicles away from the edge of the greens; tees, bunkers and lakes.
  • The owners and management of Golf Kingdom and Cranfield Golf Club accept no responsibility for any damage or injury caused as a result of driving these vehicles.

Directors Discretion:- the directors and management of Golf Kingdom and Cranfield Golf Club reserve the right to make any changes they see fit to the terms and conditions of your membership, including refusing or terminating memberships.