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The Golf Course

The 18 Hole Masters Course is unique in many ways. You will immediately be struck by its superb condition. It is our constant pursuit to make sure it the best-conditioned golf course in Essex and beyond.

The golf course is not only spectacular in condition, but also in design - there are many holes that will be like nothing you have experienced before. Fair but challenging enough that you will want to raise your game to beat them!

The course is designed for today’s golfer, a par 64 with 15 different variations from 2 holes right through to 18, so that you can play as many or as few a holes as your time allows - and with no one on the course except members and their guests, you are sure to be able to move at your own pace.

Preview our 18 Hole Masters Course via the 3d Flybys available here

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Course Flybys

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The Golf Course




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