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About Us

Golf Kingdom is the brainchild of PGA Professionals Scott Cranfield and Simon Preston.  Both fathers of young families, they have set out to create a golf facility to suit the modern family and grow the game of golf.

Starting out with a run-down Golf Range in 2004, today Golf Kingdom boasts the UK’s most advanced Golf Range. Part of Scott & Simon’s vision was to create a revolutionary golf course that would meet the needs and demands of the modern golfer. With planning permission granted in 2010, and work starting shortly after, that dream is now a reality. The Masters Course opened its final phase in June 2017. Governing bodies such as England Golf have recognised the significance of such a development and had this to say…

 “Golf Kingdom have clearly spent time understanding the family market and developing a facility that caters for a wide range of needs. It is refreshing to see a golf course design built for the needs of todays golfer.  The UK needs more courses like this to meet the needs of families and those who love golf but have restraints on their time.  Families will welcome the flexibility offered by membership of this new course and the opportunity to play at special family times. It means that even the busiest of families will be able to find time to get out on the course together and enjoy each other’s company.”

 Abbie Lench, Head of Club Support - England Golf

The next phase was to engage with families and juniors, and what better way to do that than take the tried and tested leisure activity of Adventure Golf. Some call it Mini Golf or Crazy Golf, but when it covers 35,000 square feet and has a 7-metre Waterfall, a Huge Whale being chased by an even bigger Boat, we call it Adventure Golf. Moby Golf was born in 2014, and has been played and loved by thousands of families.

Moby Golf was shortly followed by Foot Golf a new sport based on the skills of the game of football but on a purpose-built Foot Golf course. In true Golf Kingdom style, the only 18-hole bespoke Foot Golf Course was built; playable all-year round and with synthetic greens and tees, it brings a new and exciting challenge.

With lots of families and friends enjoying the leisure activities at Golf Kingdom, FUN Golf was launched - a really quick and fun way to master the skills of hitting and controlling a golf ball. Such is our commitment to help families get into golf we frequently run FUN Golf courses FREE of charge.

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